Master of My Fate, Captain of My Soul | Namaste / by Hussein Abdullahi

I’ve been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to practice yoga on a weekly basis. For those of you who may not be familiar with the yoga practice, its fine I'll give you a little intro.  Yoga is a form of mindful practice, which originated from India. The history of yoga is very prominent because its prevalent in various religions ( Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism) .  There is various types of yoga practice and the most well-known one is : Hatha yoga.

    As an Athlete, I’ve been introduced to yoga in college.  My first impression wasn’t the greatest; in fact because my lack of knowledge about Mindful practice I thought it was a waste of time. Over time my body adapted to the new practice of yoga and I began to understand the benefits of it. I had a new found appreciation for yoga, It has been an integral part of my athletic development. Throughout my off-season I tried to Practice yoga 2 times a week, this way I unwind from the high demands of training.

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    As we see yoga is very prevalent in today's sports. Various high-level athletes implement the yoga practice into their training routines. It’s very refreshing for me to see various NBA athletes becoming one with mindfulness practice. With the long season grind, it’s very important for them to unwind their mind, body, and soul (re-write last sentence).  In order for myself to grow I had to let go of some old habits. With Regular yoga practice I've seen improvements within various areas in my life.

Here's some benefits to doing yoga.
1.Increases Blood Flow:  Various relaxation poses can help one’s circulation throughout the body.
2.Improves your Flexibility: Consistent yoga practice can lead to greater range of motion for joints.
3.Builds Muscle Strength: Strong muscles will prevent back pain, arthritis, andfalls for the elderly.
4.Help one become more focused (mentally): Yoga can help with concentration, and boost mental arousal.
5.Lowers Blood Pressure: Studies have shown that people with hypertension tend to benefit greatly from the yoga practice.

A message to anyone that is looking for healthy ways to improve their lifestyle, while addingsomething new to their schedule should try yoga.

Video By: Ryan Apigo (@ryanapigo)

Yoga Instructor: Franklin Shabazz

Facility: The Health Institute