Dear Summer | Victory Lap / by Hussein Abdullahi

Dear summer,

Over the course of this summer I had the opportunity of visiting the hottest cities in America, and participating in the premiere summer leagues. It’s has been a blessing to compete against the top Pros & NBA stars. To utilize the game of basketball as a tool has always been my approach, and now that my goal has come to fruition is magical. Basketball has opened various doors for my life; this game has brought me happiness, compassion, friendships, and brotherhoods. I’ve embraced this journey every step of the way and I’m hopeful to see the next step in my process. 

Aside from my summer experience, one thing that I enjoy greatly is traveling; it has always been a hobby of mine. Growing up as an inner-city kid I wasn't expose to different environments and such forth. Basketball was that outlet for me that got me outside of the box I thought I belonged in. From enjoying the beautiful coast of California to traveling along the 5 boroughs of New York City, it was definitely a sight to remember. The early mornings and late nights paved the way to an eventful summer.  Just a little recap off my summer: LA (Nike Drew League)/off-season W/O's, NYC (Nike Dyckman League) / Fitness Assessment , Toronto (OVO Bounce 2017).

2017-05-27 12.52.17.jpg
2017-08-02 20.55.02.jpg
2017-07-28 07.01.14.jpg

An Intricate part of my summer has been my involvement within the community. I've fully committed myself to make Scarborough a more positive environment through sports, education, and community involvement. One of my highlights of this summer had to be The 3rd Annual Rumble In the Jungle Event; the event brought over 200 out in attendance, that supported the JP II community and it's student-athletes. It was a defining moment in my summer because of great support shown from our community and community leaders. As an athlete I feel obligated to generously give back to my community for the impact it had in my life!

I’ve fully committed myself to make Scarborough a positive environment through sports, education, and community involvement

As my summer concludes, it's time get ready for my next step (God's Plan). Summer 2k17 its been a surreal experience and I can't wait to see what this year may bring. I'm definitely going to miss the sun waking me up in the we hours of the morning, but I'll get use to the fall soon enough.   Dear summer, I know your going to miss me!!

Yours Truly,

Hussein Abdullahi