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On this week’s feature of Branching Out we met with Manual Therapist and Co-Founder of Revibe TO Josh Alferez. At the ripe age of 25 Josh has entered the world of business along with the other 10 % of Canadian entrepreneurs. In his earlier years Josh worked for the industry leading Myodetox Performance. Fast forward to 2019, Josh and business partner Justice wanted to create a wellness centre that heavily involved the COMMUNITY. Their objective was to redefine the landscape of wellness. Josh has served during his career as a sports therapist and student, working alongside organizations including Toronto’s own OVO Basketball, Noir-et-Noire, Ballislife, and Youth R Us. The road to success isn’t always a straight one, but when you do things from a genuine space everything falls into place. 



Co-Founder: Josh Alferez

From our first conversation I noticed that josh had a knack for serving other and this has opened many doors for him.
— TWINGQ (Founder of TGQ.INC)

Revibe TO is located in the Mississauga region of the GTA and is a wellness community space strongly influenced by the Eastern Philosophy. Living in a western world millennials often get criticized for having a strong sense of entitlement. Most millennials are now entrepreneurs and working for themselves. The old fashioned 9-5 jobs aren’t the trend anymore. Revibe functions as a house for therapists looking to hone their craft eventually transitioning students to leaders in their own niches. Revibe TO offers a wide variety of amenities, which include a recovery lounge, co-working and pop-up spaces, movement lab and manual therapy rooms. They cater their services to the increasing population of millennials business owners and corporate athletes. Revibe welcomes all community members inside their doors. Our team at TGQ Inc. got the chance to chat with Josh about his plans for Revibe in the near future.



Josh Alferez of @revibe at The 2nd Annual Sweat Games

  1. When The Idea hatch for you to start your own Company ?

    JA: When I found out school or working a 9-5 wasn’t for me, I hustled from a young age. I was well known for my tendencies to flip anything from custom apparel, snap backs, electronics, etc. Now it’s not to say that I didn’t go to school or never worked a day in my life but I gravitated towards building my passions. Sports was my outlet, I may not have ever wanted to become a pro, but the dynamic of being in a sport was what kept me sane day to day and it is what molded me into the person I am to this day. Revibe launched in July 2019, but the idea itself evolved from 5 years of trials and tribulations. From being a patient, student, mentor, to a leader I’ve learned, tested and questioned as much as possible within a short amount of time. And every market pain I experienced, I challenged and the by-product was Revibe.

Sports was my outlet, I may never wanted to become a pro but the dynamic of being in a sport is what kept me sane.
— Josh Alferez (Co-Founder of REVIBE TO)


Revibe takes the court at Charity Games

2. What are some challenges you’ve faced in your business?

JA: Time and load management can be challenging at times. Finding the balance between efficiency in business performance and personal relationships. Patience is key when building a business and it takes time to develop. Mastering 1-2 things then move forward. Taking risks are something that separates the good from the greats. Stepping outside my comfort zone, which is easy for me, but not taking on more than I can handle. The list goes on.  I don’t ever believe the challenges will ever stop. But I feel like that’s why I love the process. It tests you physically, but most importantly mentally beyond your limits. 



Co-Founded by: @joshprehab

3. Who are some business moguls/mentors that inspire you?

JA: Personally I don’t have any business moguls, but I’ve had some good mentors and role models throughout my career that provided a source of inspiration. Mentors include Myodetox’s very own Vinh Pham, Boris Li, and CEO Scott Marcaccio. Also from the Movement Lab: Kris Jon Vargas. As for my role models, all of my clients and friends who’ve came from nothing to something. Most Importantly, my parents who’ve sacrificed so much for me to be in this position today.



Watching Josh on his journey has motivated me to strive for greatness in my respective field as an athlete.
— TWINGQ (Founder of TGQ Inc.)

4. Where do you see Yourself/Revibe In 5 Years?

JA: Healing the world! Revibe is something unique in that it looks at a person as a person. Not a number. Not a dollar. Not a diagnosis. We treat people as human beings and facilitate healing the physical, but most importantly the mental, emotional and social aspects of being a human. In 5 years I see our team growing with every unique community existing in the world. There’s so much the world has to offer from its culture, people, scenery, and food. But why can Revibe expand at a global level? It has the ability to bring communities together, which allows healing to happen organically, genuinely, and holistically.



Wellness community space influenced by eastern philosophy in a western society.

5. Most Memorable Moment as a Manual Therapist?

JA: The Process.

From being the patient on the table and challenging the system for what they stand for, which was unfortunately comprised of passive, stagnant and money-milking clinics. To opting into staying awake during my first surgery so I could ask the surgeon questions live during the procedure. To shooting a DM to one of my mentors to shadow him, while he also treated me post-op. Dropping everything and flying out to California two weeks after learning with one of my good friends and mentors Vinnie, Boris and Phil. Immersing myself into the culture and getting my hands dirty with every opportunity possible. Taking a step outside my comfort zone and connecting with people in my industry, which is beneficial for my development.

Finding a way to blend therapy and basketball so I can never feel like I’m working a day in my life.
— Josh Alferez (Co-Founder of Revibe)

Invite Own League

Revibe live from Toronto’s Invite Own League

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