Branching Out Vol. 1 | Throne.Toronto / by Hussein Abdullahi

Here at TGQ Inc. we pride ourselves on sharing authentic stories that replicates the CULTURE for our audience. We are pleased to present to you “Branching Out”. Branching Out taps inside personal perspectives of Industries leading entrepreneurs, athletes, and business leaders. Each figure will share insights about stepping outside the box of their respective career fields to foster other business ventures. Our first guest is Co-Founder of Throne Barbershop and Creative Designer of Throne.Toronto Josh Diamante.

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Over a 5-year span Throne Barbershop has emerged as an industry leading company in the GTA. A large part to their successes is Josh Diamante. The Markham native has nurtured lasting business relationships with athletes, entertainers and business moguls such as: Marcus Stroman, Tristan Thompson, Murda Beatz, and Kai Bent Lee. Throughout his journey as a barber, Josh has created an authentic brand with Throne and now has stepped outside the box to develop a street wear apparel line (Throne.Toronto). We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Josh to discuss some of his business ventures and plans for the near future.



Josh Diamante of @Thronebarbershop

1. When did the idea hatch to start Throne. Toronto?

JD: Throne was established May of 2013. Fast forward to 2019, I’m proud to say we’ve accomplished more than expected. It still feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what our true potential is. Its dope to see people doing their part to build this community as well as our community; Forever Young and Free.

Whenever I’m at Throne, I feel that family atmosphere, everyone is always looking out for each other
— Hussein A. (Founder of TGQ Inc.)



2. What are some challenges you’ve faced in your business?

JD: Business is always constant. Most challenges I speak with other business owners consist of finding the right people for the right positions. I believe leadership is very important. Setting the right examples, taking on exercises and tasks that enable others to perform at their highest ability. It’s the most rewarding thing, growth and progress among friends and family.



BTS W/ Toronto Artist @jaywhiss

3. Most Memorable Moment as a barber?

JD: There are many memorable moments any barber can tell you. Every moment is special when you think about it, from a child’s first fade, a trim for the day of the wedding, to your first date, or even a haircut just to get a haircut. As a barber, the best moment is when I’m able to deliver exactly what is requested. Consistency.


A Crown Of Confidence

JD cutting Cavs Forward Tristan Thompson

As a barber, the best moment is when I’m able to deliver exactly what is requested.
— Josh Diamante

4. Where do you see yourself and Throne in 5 years?

JD: 5 years from now, I’ll probably still say, “we’re still scratching the surface of our true potential.” It’s been 7 years since I’ve committed my self and we’ve accomplished a lot as a collective, there’s a still a lot more we can do. I look forward to the days of our evolution. One thing is definite, Throne will always be an inspiration to those who are just committed and dedicated to their dreams.




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