Tip Of The Kap | Just Doin' It / by Hussein Abdullahi

Former NFL athlete Colin Kaepernick has transcended into an American icon over the last 2 seasons; the former 49ers quarterback decided to stir up a wave of protests across the NFL. During the national anthem Kaepernick took a knee to protest against police brutality and the racial inequalities of America. The protest became a defining moment within sports history, but also stirred up a lot of controversy. In America there is always a price to pay when individuals do things that aren’t “culturally” accepted or politically correct. President Trump was totally against Kaepernick’s protest and made it a priority to suspend or fired any NFL players who demonstrate during the national anthem. Kaepernick has inspired a generation of athletes. The protest has been identified as an iconic event in American sports history. Nike has commemorated Colin Kaepernick for their 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign ad. Since 2011, Kaepernick signed to Nike; he was being paid despite his inactivity in the NFL and in previous campaign ads. The Nike brand felt the time was right to use Kaepernick in ads due to his unique position within the sports world. On top of campaign ad, Nike will create an apparel line that will donate their proceeds to Kaepernick’s “Know My Rights” charity. 


We believe Colin is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward
— Gino Fisanotti

With the NFL season around the corner it was a great business move for Nike to release their new campaign ad; Nike will include Kaepernick on several platforms during the NFL season. Nike’s campaign ad also features their list of world class athletes: Serena Williams, Odell Beckham, LeBron James and Shaquem Griffin. Over several decades, Nike has identified their brand with top tier athletes across the globe. Through the test of time Nike continues to embody a deeper purpose and use their platform to support the world of athletes who come from many backgrounds. Nike has extended their partnership with the NFL until 2028. The brand will continue to be the sole provider for the productions of on field apperal.


Nike has a divine history for responding to some topical issues. In the late 90’s Nike launched an ad campaign to support women’s rights in sports. Their unique message created a separation between other leading brands. Nike has reputation for representing their athletes who’ve faced trials during their careers. Tiger Woods, Ric Munoz and Serena Williams are all on that list. Now in 2018, Nike supports one of the popularized athletes in the world Colin Kaepernick.

Don’t ask if your dream is crazy. Ask if they’re crazy enough
— Colin Kaepernick

Thanks: Nike, NFL, ESPN, Bleacher Report

Athlete: Colin Kaepernick

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq2CvmgoO7I