Summertime Grind | Preparation, Performance, Recovery / by Hussein Abdullahi

In the midst of the off-season, for athletes it's vital to maintain strength and refine your skill sets. Various athletes look to enhance their performance by bettering their mind, body, and souls. At times athletes may find it challenging to keep up with their workouts and recovery sessions, here's some tips that can help prep you for your training and athletic performance.

How Important is Recovery to you ?

Recovery is an integral tool for physical development of the body. Recovery sessions are just as important as your training sessions,  create good habits such as: stretching, foam rolling, ice baths, and resting. These little adjustments will pave the way to optimal athletic performance.

In my previous years, I was so used to training at a high intensity level and duration of time that I would undermine the importance of recovery. My focus has shifted for the better, maximizing my recovery time, off days, and post-workout rituals has helped me progress in my training and athletic performance.

How often do you have your recovery sessions?

The moment my training session or game is over I take full advantage of utilizing the tools needed for a healthy recovery. I would do some static stretching and refuel with a protein shake or light meal.  If I get an off day or have no games, I'm recovering.

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Treat the body like a temple. One Mind, body, and soul.

Here are some tips to help elevate your training and athletic performance

Nutrition:  Create a habit of eating a light meal after your session, this also can be a protein shake. In order to perform the body needs fuel and essential nutrients.

Post-Workout Ritual: It's very important to implement a post-workout routine that helps kick-start the recovery process. Soft tissue work, and stretching is a great start to recovery.

On to the Next: Look forward to your next workout, game, or activity.

Educate Yourself: Find ways to enhance your knowledge on training, health, recovery, etc.

Next time your heading to workout try to use of one these tips and the results will follow.

Athletic Therapist: Josh Alferez

Athlete: Hussein Abdullahi

Photos By: Richard M. (@bovnrich)