DCTG Series | Be Your Own Boss / by Hussein Abdullahi

The Former hoop star Chris Douglas-Roberts best known as “Supreme” has made his return with the 5th episode in the “DCTG series”. CDR took a brief hiatus to focus developing his new business ventures. Now embarking on his second journey as a creative genius, Supreme is an innovator of DCTG Sportswear, DCTG Sportswear blog, and DCTG Media Agency.


The Former All-American has reinvigorated his identity and breaks the stigma of the personal perception. In 2017, CDR changed his name to "Supreme"and focused on the new life adjustments outside of basketball. He has shifted his focus to raise awareness and encourages people to live a healthier lifestyle through their daily habits. "DCTG" is lifestyle of unlocking your peak state of mind, giving it your all, and striving for your dreams.

DCTG is chasing your m**********n dreams and not stopping until you get them, if there’s roadblocks f***k em

Over the course of his NBA tenure, CDR played for 6 teams: Bucks, Nets, Mavs, Bobcats, Clippers, and Pelicans. In 2014 CDR made his 1st playoff appearance vs. the Miami heat, they would get eliminated in 4 games. CDR averaged 9.5 ppg and 2.0 rpg in 17 minutes of play. CDR has been a big inspiration to many athletes for overcoming adversity and promoting his motto “ Don’t Cheat the Grind” which later transcended into an entity and ultimately his brand. He continues to crave a unique trail of transparency, simplicity, and love. From full-time athlete to CEO, Supreme looks to push the culture forward and spread the DCTG brand worldwide.


The highly anticipation DCTG Series has been on pause for 2 years, but Supreme is back to bring forth their 5th episode “Everything Changed”. Supreme encourages the people of this world to change their perceptive and live a life of freedom, control, and power. At 31 years of age, the future looks bright for Supreme and his DCTG entity. Be sure to follow their creative journey and waves.

After a 2 year hiatus, $upreme, formerly known as Chris Douglas-Roberts brings forth the 5th installment of DCTG™ The Series. Watch how "Everything Changed."

CEO: Supreme (@montecristo_ritchie)

Company: @dctgsportswear @dctgmedia

DCTG Ep. 5 "Everything Changed":