Homegrown Crops | Elite Top 40 Camp / by Hussein Abdullahi

North Preston has a great reputation for breeding high-level talent in sports. With the emergence of it’s fine basketball culture, various doors have opened. Halifax hoop dreamers got a taste of that opportunity late week, for the Metro Top 40 Elite basketball Camp. North Preston native Nevell Provo and his peers got together and hosted the camp at St. Mary’s University.

"This is huge for North Preston as a basketball community."

The Campers has the opportunity to be taught by collegiate athletes, and North Preston legends. NBA star Andrew Wiggins took a visit to North Preston for the first time. For the youth to be in the presence of an athlete of that magnitude gives the kids hope, and inspiration for the future. The impact that experience had for the kids were everlasting. Wiggins was a guest speaker and leader at the camp, the kids soaked up every minute of knowledge. 

The great initiative of this event was to provide the opportunity for the North Preston Youth, given the value that the game of basketball brings to that community. The youth are looking forward to next year, and camp organizers hope this will be an annual event.

As athletes we have an obligation to fill, it’s very important to give back to the community. Often there are various misconceptions in regards of how to give; it’s not about the materialistic or superficial gifts but the intentions and purpose. It’s refreshing to see Andrew Wiggins pay a visit to the youth in North Preston, this shall set bar. Be great, and make a difference.

 Video by: Kardeisha Provo

Camp Leaders: Nevell Provo (@vellsmooth), Marquis Clayton (@peebody4), Andrew Wiggins (@22wiggins)