A Tribute To The Truth | Farewell # 34 / by Hussein Abdullahi

          Over the course of 18 years we’ve witness one of the great showmen's in sports history. A Celtic legend to say the least, Paul Pierce cemented his legacy in Boston by emerging as a 10-time All-star, NBA Champion, and 2008 finals MVP. Pierce is 1 of the 3 active players from the illustrious 1998 draft.

    In his 15 seasons as a Celtic Pierce devoted every ounce of his compassion, competitiveness, and grit to the city of Boston. Pierce was known for his fiery competitive spirit, even as a 18-year veteran he continues to show his greatest attributes to competitors and former teammates.

          The hall of fame career was a sight to see. The endless memories will never be forgotten.  They say “ History will repeat itself”, but there's a high chance we won’t see another Truth.  A true competitor, champion, and legend that will truly be missed.

Video By: The Players Tribune

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbDnpSqDokU