| Find Your Galaxy | Episode 2 / by Hussein Abdullahi

     In Episode 2 Flash Forward Follows Cedric back to his old High School, Blessed Mother Theresa C.S.S, where he reflects on his time as a young basketball player at one of the most recognizable basketball powerhouses in Toronto. He recounts stories of a fierce rivalry with fellow basketball heavyweight Eastern Commerce, the schedule of a student athlete and more!

   The episode also features an exclusive interview with one of his up and coming athletes, Shaunae Brown. Lastly, Cedric and the Pine Ridge Pumas commemorate the life of Darius Thorne, an 18 year old former basketball star for the Pine Ridge Pumas, whose life was tragically taken. Episode 3 coming soon!

Video By: Flash Forward Media (@flashforwardmg)
Athlete: Shaunae Brown
Trainer: Cedric Carter (@galaxytraining)